Gentleman’s Armour is in the business of assisting men develop a confident personal image and helping them along the way towards their goals in all aspects of their life.
Any day, any time and on any occasion.
That is achieved by offering the highest quality of craftsmanship known to the industry, expertise, wide range of Italian and British fabrics and unparalleled service.
At Gentleman’s Armour, we truly believe that trust and relationship with our clients is built by our core values that drive all of our garments to be crafted with the highest standards regarding to quality, comfort and style.

We would love to see you soon behind the Armour.

As a young Canadian entrepreneur from Montreal, dressing for success was a must since as far as I can remember. It is responsible for your personal brand image.
After few years being in the field of high-end clothing, tailoring and made to measure, I decided to work on my own terms building my own standards; Gentleman’s Armour was born.
In a small talk, I truly believe that passion leads to what does really matter.Through my vision, I wish to build a strong relationship with my clients in order to guide them to achieve their goals.
When it comes to my standards; I strongly value working with the greatest level of craftsmanship possible and with fine natural fibers.
The love, knowledge & expertise of the garments are steering me to focus on Quality, Comfort & Style.

My name is Pascal Guzzo. I have been an Italian fashion model since I was 17. I have always been fascinated by men’s fashion – everything from fabric, materials, apparel as well as current styles and trends. Being in the fashion industry I have been lucky to live out my passion through photo shoots and fashion shows, but always wearing other people’s clothes. Gentleman’s Armour is my opportunity to express my own creativity and help men of all ages look their absolute best, from teenagers to mature men. Every man looks better in a made-to-measure suit, and I will help make that a reality.